Jordan Ford has been a part of San Antonio's history since 1919. We take pride in our strong tradition and values, and we believe in doing what's right for our employees and customers. At Jordan Ford we also believe in doing what's right for our country and community. That means hiring those who have bravely served us as well as the spouses who stand by them.

Jordan Ford proudly employs those who served in various branches of the military and we greatly value the contributions they have brought to our company. Many of our leaders at Jordan Ford have prior military experience.

We are always looking for talented people with a drive to succeed. Our goal is to hire the best and be the best. We invest in the development of our employees, hire and promote from within, and offer training opportunities for career advancement.

We hope you'll visit our career page and apply for a position. Feel free to use the Veteran Career Opportunities link if you want to submit a more general application for consideration.
Our Heros

Manny Todd
Internet Sales and Mobility Sales Consultant
U.S. Air Force, Civil Engineer (Pavements & Heavy Equipment Operator)
Facility Manager, Basic Military Training Instructor, 20 yrs 10 months

The military along with my grandfather taught me several things that prepared me for life. I was taught, No matter how big or small, do it well or don't do it at all! I learned how to have patience, a strong work ethic, to have pride within yourself,and pay attention to detail.  Jordan Ford just like the Air Force have the core values of Service before self, Excellence in all that you do, and have Integrity!!!
Carlos Copeland
Used Cars Sales Consultant I35 Main Lot
U.S. Army, Avionics Tech, 20 years

My military experience taught me how to deal with daily interactions with others including networking, team building, and communication skills on any type of complex or sensitive issues.
John Monfort
Internet Sales Consultant
U.S. Army, 21 yrs., 4 yrs. Active and 17 yrs. in the Reserves, Field Artillery
Chief Management Division, 90th ARCOM Fort Sam Houston
Jeff Coan
Finance Director 
U.S. Army, 4 years, Field artillery

My job was fire direction (directing the howitzers where to shoot.)  I think military experience really helps you understand working as a team. Military life also helped with understanding the chain of command in any business. It was a great experience for me right out of high school, my family has a history of service, my brother, and I went in together and our father was a retired Major in the Army.
Rhonda B. Saylor
Accessories Department Manager
U.S. Army, 2 years, Combot Medic
42nd Medical Battalion, Kitzingen, Germany

My paternal grandfather was a WWII veteran and I followed his footsteps to the Army 4 months after I graduated from high school. The time I spent in the military solidified the foundation that was set in place by my strict, yet wholesome upbringing in Kentucky. I met some of the best people I've ever known that I still keep in contact with today. I learned that hard work, integrity, organization, honesty, and dependability was the cornerstone of success. We were taught to "adapt and overcome". That mantra will always be in the forefront of my mind when facing any obstacle. I will forever be grateful to those that served before me, with me, and will serve for generations to come.

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Dealer Rater