3 Fuel Saving Tip For Every Car, Truck Or SUV

Wouldn't it be great if you SUV or truck got the same gas mileage as a subcompact hybrid? While that would be amazing it sadly isn't true. But that doesn't mean that there aren't ways you can improve your current fuel economy to get a few extra miles out of each tank of gas. We have three easy tips to help everyone boost their fuel economy!

  • Routine Maintenance. By having your oil changed, tires properly inflated and other important maintenance done for your vehicle you are keeping your vehicle running smoothly. And when your vehicle runs smooth and efficiently your fuel economy will improve because your car doesn't have to work harder.
  • Cruise Control. When you maintain a consistent speed on the highway requires less fuel than speeding up and slowing down. Use cruise control whenever possible.
  • Remove Extra Weight. We all do it. We carry things around in our vehicle that we don't need. So if you have miscellaneous junk rolling around in your car, take it out. Same goes for that roof box you aren't using. If you don't use it every day consider removing it for a while to improve your fuel economy.
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